German, Spanish & English Translation, Interpreting and Tutoring Services

Southern Cross offers a wide variety of language services suitable for businesses and individuals who place emphasis on high quality and are looking to work with a friendly language advisor on their next project.

Working languages:

Thanks to my trilingual heritage, I work in




(in any combination).

Core services:

Translation and transcreation

Consecutive AND LIAISON Interpreting

in conferences, meetings, product presentations, fairs, exhibitions, and other events

Language assistance

during business trips, also combined with interpreting

Individual or in-group tuition

for adults, youngsters and children

Exam preparation

Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes & more

My main specialisations include:

Travel and tourism

travel reports, hotel brochures, agencies brochures and catalogues, blogs


reports, package information leaflets, medical articles, diagnostic imaging reports

Real estate

listings, offers, contracts, house sightings


football, tennis


blogs, recipes, articles about food and wine

General translation

letters, correspondence, leaflets, brochures, blogposts etc.

My language services are suitable for you if…

You want to sell your products in a different country.

I can translate the correspondence, the contracts, all the paperwork between you and the other company. I can interpret during meetings with your counterparts, also over the phone and online (remote). I can join you on a business trip, assist you on arrival in the other country, organise all the bookings and transfers. I can explain to you what to expect from the other culture, bridging over the culture gap and making you more tolerant towards your counterparts.

With me you will never be linguistically lost!

Or perhaps if you’re building a new hotel in a different country

and have to deal with local regulations in a language you don’t understand, instruct the workers, organise the opening, hire the staff, manage the PR and publicity. I can help!

Maybe you’re a doctor and would like to go to a congress

and don’t speak the language of the country where the congress takes place. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone showing you the way around and helping you go from the airport to the hotel and to the congress venue?

Or if you’d like to buy a holiday home

but you don’t understand what the real estate agent is telling you, I could assist you during the sightings and translate the paperwork (including the contracts) and ease the communication.

These are only a few examples of how I can help.

The possibilities are endless!

Contact me to discuss my wide range of language services
to help you turn your projects into reality!