Welcome to Southern Cross!

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Andrea Behrendt

German, Spanish and English Translator & Interpreter


I’m Andrea

the face (and the brain!) behind Southern Cross Language Services

I’m a translator, interpreter and language teacher, which means that my days consist mostly of translating written texts, consecutive interpreting in conferences, meetings and events, language assistance for companies and individuals, or teaching languages in all levels.

How can I help you?

Thanks to the fact that I’m trilingual in German, Spanish & English, I can translate and interpret in any language combination among those three.

I also provide lessons in those three languages, specializing in conversation courses and exam preparation.

My services are suitable for you if…

You need to translate written texts between English, German or Spanish.

You need a consecutive interpreter for your next conference, meeting or event.

You want to learn languages (1 to 1, groups, online, in-company, at my place, at your place, children, youngsters, adults) and prepare you for international language examinations (Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes).

My offer includes:

in conferences, meetings, product presentations, fairs, exhibitions, and other events

during business trips, also combined with interpreting

for adults, youngsters and children

Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes & more

What’s in it for you?

When booking my services, you will benefit from an all-rounder service: from learning the language for a trip or a business project, through translating and/or proof-reading of texts, correspondence, contracts and other documents, to interpreting in meetings and events and assisting clients during business trips, bridging over the cultural gaps and bringing companies and clients together.

I’m based in the small village of Kuessaberg in the South of Germany, just next to the border to Switzerland, but I am open for assignments all over the world, always ready to go the extra mile to satisfy my clients’ needs.