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I began lessons with Andrea in 2022 to prepare for my Swiss Matura and International
Baccalaureate exams in German and Spanish. From day one, she demonstrated an unwavering
commitment to my learning journey. Regardless of my often unpredictable and demanding
schedule, she was consistently willing and able to accommodate, ensuring that each session
was not only convenient, but highly productive. This level of flexibility was not only limited to
scheduling, but extended into the very fabric of her teaching style, as she customized her
approach to suit my unique learning needs. The lessons were a blend of educational rigor and
engaging fun, transforming learning into a thrilling expedition rather than a daunting task. This
fueled my passion for languages and made me look forward to every lesson.
With her support, I was able to navigate the challenging terrain of the exams, and came out the
other side not only with a more solid understanding of German and Spanish, but with more
confidence in my linguistic abilities. Her dedication and insightful teaching approach proved
instrumental in my successful completion of both the Swiss Matura and International
In short, Andrea’s exceptional tutoring skills, coupled with her flexibility, fostered an enriching
learning environment. Her influence on my academic journey is immeasurable and for this, I am
deeply grateful. For anyone seeking to truly master a language, I cannot recommend Andrea
highly enough!
– Joanne Azariah