Andrea Behrendt

German, Spanish and English Translator & Interpreter

Hi, I’m Andrea!

German and Spanish are my mother tongues, and I am a native speaker of English. And of course, I teach those three languages, specializing in conversation courses and exam preparation.

I grew up in a multi-cultural and multi-language environment and know how to move confidently in different languages, countries and cultures, and I can transmit that to my clients.

My background:

I was born in Argentina and grew up bilingually in German and Spanish. On my father’s side my family is German, and on my mother’s side Argentinian with Italian roots. I went to a German school in Buenos Aires, where half of the subjects were given in German and the other half in Spanish, while English came as a third language at the age of nine.

I loved languages right from the beginning, always curious to learn more, to understand what people said. And to help people understand each other.

It was a clear decision to me that I wanted to study “something with languages”, and that’s why, after a two-year tertiary course in business administration, I studied to become a Sworn Translator and Interpreter in Spanish and German at the University of Buenos Aires, where I graduated in 1996.

During my school-time and my studies I taught my three languages to children and adults, and I continued to do so after graduating, while translating and interpreting at the same time.

From 1998 to the end of 2000 I worked as an assistant to the CEO for a hotel company in Germany, also translating and interpreting for the company. Back in Argentina I continued translating, basically in the legal field, and teaching languages.

In 2003 I moved to the small village of Kuessaberg in Germany, where I’ve lived since then!

In 2023 it is time for me to re-enter the translation market and capitalise on the last 20 years of honing my craft in this beautiful German town.